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why so popular?

Why are essential oils gaining popularity in the last few years? People are looking for, holistic solutions to maintain and support overall health and wellness with LITTLE to NO SIDE EFFECTS. The use of chemical-based products whether in our home cleaning products, makeup, hair products, skin care, etc. has shown to disrupt our hormones, overload our livers with toxins, and create a multitude of health problems of which many of us are unaware.

Enter essential oils. Mother Nature’s gift to humans.

Essential oils are plant remedies extracted from the root, stem, bark, and/or flower through a process called distillation from various parts of the world. Essential oils have been used for thousands and thousands of years to support our physical, emotional and spiritual needs. The major advantage essential oils have over other traditional remedies is there are little to no side effects with proper usage and dilution. Love love LOVE that!


The King. Frank is one of the most coveted oils on the planet. His most prized solution is the ability to ease pain and decrease inflammation in the body. Can be used topically, internally, and aromatically.

Essential oils can be used in three ways: aromatically, topically, and internally.


The term aromatherapy comes from the fact that essential oils are very aromatic. The aroma is inhaled and the tiny molecules reach our brains very quickly. The part of the brain most affected is the amygdala, where our emotions are housed. By inhaling an essential oil, your mood can be supported and/or lightened very quickly. One way to aromatically use essential oils is through direct inhalation. Place a drop or two in the hands, rub together, then cup around your nose and mouth and breathe in to feel the effects. Another way is through the use of a diffuser. The molecules are dispersed in the air for extended periods of time so users may get long-lasting benefits from the oils.


Oils can also be used topically to support our well-being. When used with a carrier oil, aches can be soothed, pain can be softened and skin can be calmed. Essential oils also work great in baths either with bath oil and/or bath salts to relax, protect, and soothe the entire body.


Finally, essential oils can be used internally when safe to do so. Essential oils can be ingested with a drop under the tongue, in a gel capsule, in food, water, or tea.

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